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Cyrusher Crusader 800

6 min   |   English   |  Cyrusher

Designed for light trails and urban commuting, the Cyrusher Crusader goes where it wants, when it wants. Equipped with a 750-watt Bafang motor, it delivers get-up-and-go, every time. Its waterproof, 48-volt 13ah Samsung battery gives you enough capacity to make round whatever round trip you’re faced with.

The Cyrusher Crusader is a fast, reliable, fun e-bike.

This video has been deleted.
How to program the KT-LCD3 and KT-LCD8H - EVERYTHING you need to know

How to program the KT-LCD3 and KT-LCD8H - EVERYTHING you need to know

Correction! One error I made in this video, to enable cruise control hold the DOWN button, not the UP button. Check out our bikes at Subscribe to our email list for ebike news, deals and more! Protect your bike from theft or damage with Oyster Insurance Want to visit in person? Find us at: Area 13 117 Neal Street Suite B Grass Valley, CA 95945 Time Stamps for programming: 0:00 - Intro 0:35 - Basic Display Functions 2:15 - Reset Trip Meter 2:43 - Set MPH/KMH/Speed Limit/Tire Size 4:38 - P1 Motor Gear Reduction Ratio 6:33 - P2 Motor Pulse (RPM) 8:02 - P3 Limit throttle with PAS 8:50 - P4 Throttle requires PAS Yes/No 9:25 - P5 Battery Monitoring 10:27 - C1 PAS Sensitivity and Direction 11:15 - C2 Sine Wave Controller Setting 11:52 - C3 Startup PAS Level 12:42 - C4 Special Throttle Functions 13:48 - C5 Maximum Power and Soft Start 14:54 - C6 Backlight Adjustment 15:10 - C7 Cruise Control On/Off 16:10 - C8 Motor Temp On/Off 16:40 - C9 Password 17:45 - C10 Default Reset 18:05 - C11 Communication Protocol 18:29 - C12 Minimum Voltage Cutoff 19:38 - C13 Regenerative Braking 21:05 - C14 Pedal Assist Power Tuning 22:28 - KT-LCD8H Programming How to program the KT-LCD3 and KT-LCD8H color screen. This is a detailed instructional video covering both screens. I walk through each setting and what they actually mean! The manuals can be a bit hard to understand and I haven't found a good explanation anywhere - so here you go. Quick setting guide: The LCD screen has a handlebar mounted switch with three buttons, UP, DOWN, and a center Power button. 1. Start with battery and handlebar switch on. The LCD will be off. 2. Turn on LCD by pressing and holding POWER​ button. Holding the UP button will turn on the backlight if needed. 3. Within 5 seconds of turning LCD on, press and hold BOTH UP​, and DOWN​ buttons for a few seconds until the center speed indicator starts to flash. 4. The flashing field is the maximum speed the motor will spin in Kilometers per hour. 32 kph is 20 mph. Set that to any value you want using UP​ and DOWN​. Press POWER ​to advance to the next setting 5. The flashing number at the bottom is the wheel size as in “29 in”. Use the UP ​and DOWN​ buttons to set. (29​ in for the stock Sondors tires). Press POWER​ to advance to next setting. 6. The flashing units of measure show if the display is configured for metric or imperial measures. Again, use UP ​and DOWN ​if you need to change it. You may have to cycle through until you find the right combination. Press POWER​ to advance to next step. 7. At this point, nothing will be flashing. But the display still shows the settings for max speed, tire size, and metric/imperial units. Press both UP ​and DOWN​ to advance to setting the P values. 8. The bottom line of the display changes to a flashing “P1 87” to show the current value of the P1 parameter. Use the UP​ and DOWN​ buttons to change the value to 100​for the Sondors ebike. When done, press POWER to advance to the next value. 9. The P2 value will flash now. Again us UP ​and DOWN ​buttons to set the value to 6​. 10. Continue on to set any other desired parameters. Brief explanations are as follows. For detailed instructions, see the LCD manual. P1 Motor Characteristic Parameter Setting Mode (100) P2 Wheel Speed Pulse Signal Setting Mode (6, 5 and 1 most common) P3 Power Assist Control Mode (1) P4 Handlebar Startup Mode (0) P5 Power Monitoring Mode (12-15) C1 Power Assist Sensor and Parameter Selection Mode (2) C2 Motor Phase Classification Coding Mode (0) C3 Power Assist Ratio Gear Initialization Mode (8) C4 Handlebar Function Setting Mode (3) C5 Controller Maximum Current Adjustment Mode (10) C6 Backlight Brightness Adjustment Mode (3) C7 Cruise Function Setting Mode (0 or 1. Setting to 1 enables cruise. While riding, hold the DOWN button to enable cruise control. A "C" will appear in the pedal assist field. Using the throttle or brakes will disable the cruise. C8 Motor Operating Temperature Display Mode (1) C9 Power-on Password Setting Mode (0) C10 Automatic Restore Default Setting Mode (n) C11 Attribute Selection Mode (0) C12 Controller Minimum Voltage Adjustment Mode (4) C13 ABS brakes of the controller and parameters of anti-charge control (0) C14 Power-assist tuning parameters (2) Press and hold POWER at any time ​to exit the setup mode.
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